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designer. thinker. front-end developer.
biker. travel photographer. husband & father.

My name is Gopi Raja and I am a Full-Stack UX designer with
over 15 years of overall experience in design and
10 years in UI & UX design

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Some of my shots from dribbble


Problem Statement:

Most of my friends were facing difficulties in preparing resume, CV or sharing a story of their experiences when trying for an interview. I thought of making a research on this and build a platform that help share the experiences in the form of a story and also their portfolio.


Had a detailed research of what the placement officers or the hiring managers expect and what kind of representation of the works will be easier for them to understand better. Then developed a platform when one can share his experiences in the form of a timeline which would also be a kind of a storyboard and also share his portfolio easily.

How it works:

Itsmybio.me is a SPA (single page app) and implemented using Firebase as back-end and React in front-end.

Required elements and related styles in the currect viewport only loaded in the DOM which makes the whole app efficient and perform better even in low GPU.

Checkout my profile on Itsmybio.me

Wireless leather jacket

Problem Statement:

For Bike riders, There are issues with visibility from distance. especially in the night time. Which can put the rider's life in danger.


Wanted to make a biker jacket with better protection, visibility and comfort.

Started with researching about the ways to make and ended up with Arduino, infrared sensors and bunch of LED lights.

How it works?

A transistor will be connected with the bike, that’ll detect and send signal when the indicator is On. A receiver is located on jacket which will receive the signal and switch On/Off the lights. Arduino will manage connections between switches, transistor and receivers.

After using couple of days there is a another problem, the body heat is not ventilated properly and I live in a place where temperature can go upto 35deg celcius (Chennai). So, I decided to put a couple of fans which can circulate the air inside the jacket and keep the temperature cool. Everything is powered from a 3000mAH lithium-polimer battery

I like to take pictures which can tell stories,
sometimes without stories too đŸ¤ª